Monday, April 14, 2014


Hi there, Easter chickadees! 

Easter is only five days away and the store is buzzing with customers trying to fill their Easter basket for loved ones. We have so many items in stock that would be absolutely perfect for all ages! 

Get yourself a basket. We'd recommend you try Target, Walmart or the Dollar Store! If you get a plastic basket, bring it in and let us monogram or personalize it for you. We can do it by the end of the day. 

Below are a couple of things that we have to be great Easter basket fillers: 

How darling are these gold earrings? We have a plethora of jewelry in stock and would be a great addition to any girly basket. 

These Ginger Leigh block crosses are great for a room or bathroom of any children. We have them in all colors -- turquoise, lime, cream, pink & more 

Who doesn't need hair bands? How fun are all of these colors and prints?

You MUST MUST MUST get a new bunny for your basket. Stop by because we have every color and size under the soon. Super soft too! 

This jewelry box is darling. We have them in turquoise, white and hot pink. Great for travel or to keep at home. Any girl would love this! 

Don't forget candy! 

xoxo- plainjane designs 

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