Friday, November 21, 2014

Coffee Talk: Trish Jones

Hi! We're still here, we promise! We haven't forgotten about this little space. Just busy with the holidays approaching.

With that being said, take a holiday breather and read about one of our artists featured at plainjane designs: Trish Jones! Trish is immensely talented, and simply having her work in the store makes us more cheerful! Grab your mug o'joe and join us.

plainjane designs: Have you always considered yourself an artist or did you start painting at a certain age? 
trish jones: I've always been "artistic," but did not actually start painting art until about 6 years ago. I painted a few backdrops for plays my daughter acted in while in middle school and really enjoyed it. I decided to paint on canvas and then opened an Etsy store. I have to admit, I'm still getting used to saying I am an "artist." 

pjd: What inspires you when you paint? 
tj: I am all about color. Pretty photos of flowers in different color combinations are a great inspiration. I also take note when I hear or read a particular Bible verse that I think I can incorporate into a painting. 

pjd: How do you decide what to paint?   
tj: That's a good question. I wish I knew the answer! Some days I want to paint nothing but flowers. Or maybe flowers in quirky vases. Other days, I am led toward seasonal pieces or scripture. Each day finds me in a different mood. 

pjd: What's your favorite part about your art? 
tj: My favorite part of painting is finishing a piece that I love. I also like the "break" it gives me, mentally, to just simply create - rather than do those mundane things on my "to do" list. Painting days are happy days.

pjd: If you could meet one artist, who would it be and why?

tj: Hmmm. hat's a tough one. I would love to meet Janet Hill. Her art is amazing. I want to one day study under James Richards, a local artist. Norman Rockwell would have been an interesting person to meet. I'm afraid the list is endless. I'm guessing most artists are introverts, like I am, but I could be wrong. I met Steve Penley, once, and he sketched a Statue of Liberty on a notecard for me. That was cool.

Trish, thanks for being a wonderful artist and making plainjane designs so cheery!

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