Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Setting the Table

Setting the table correctly can create elegance no matter the occasion, whether it's a dinner party for 10 or a simple holiday supper with a few family members.

We stumbled upon a few brilliant ways to remember how to set a table for a basic dinner party, and one of them came from a plainjane girl herself!

The first way to remember is with the acronym FORKS, courtesy of our girl Emily Post. Think of it like this: your fork goes first, then O is the shape of your plate, followed by your knife and then the spoon. OK so it's really FOKS, but you get the picture.

The second way to remember comes from our graphic designer, Sallie. She said one way she's learned which side of the plate the fork, knife and spoon belongs is with this simple formula: fork has four letters like the word "left", and knife and spoon have five letters like the word "right." Brilliant!

Now that we've learned about the silverware placement, we need to learn where the bread plate and the drinking glass belongs.

To do this, make a "b" symbol with your left index finger and thumb and a "d" symbol with your right index finger and thumb. Bread and butter plate goes on your left and the drink is on the right. Easy as that!

We'll be back next week with another Tuesday Tip!

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