Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Coffee Talk with Courtney DeFeo

Hi! We're rolling out another new series called Coffee Talk. You'll see this once a month, and we'll be sharing a conversation with friends of plainjane designs over a (sometimes virtual!) cup of coffee. Enjoy! 

Welcome to Coffee Talk! This month's guest is Courtney DeFeo, author behind and creator of our favorite ABC Scripture Cards, an ingenious tool for memorizing scripture and placing faith as a priority in our everyday life.

pjd: Courtney, how did you come up with the idea for ABC Scripture Cards?
cd:  Believe it or not, this started from watching my two kids fight and I kept saying, “You can’t do that because Mom said so!” After way too many failed attempts, I realized that wasn’t working. There had to be a better reason for sharing WHY we do things in our home. My faith is very important to my husband and I. We wanted that common language to begin so early. I had just left a corporate marketing job with Chick-fil-A so I knew it was in my capacity to create a product and get it in the marketplace in a way that could really help other moms like me.

pjd: Did you have an age group in mind when creating these cards?
cd:  The cards were designed with the mom’s style and the child’s heart in mind. I was thinking of my home and all of my friends at the time. We all had little ones and I knew – if it didn’t stay out on our counters, we would forget about it. That’s why each set comes with an easel so all 26 can stay right there and decorate in your kitchen or desk area. Then, as you go about life – you can remember to go over 1 or 2 or 10 with your kids. Now, kids of all ages – tiny to teens use them.

pjd: What was your favorite part when designing them?
cd:   I had the look, the size and the idea all in my head – just one small problem. I am not a graphic designer. So, I called on a dear friend that is insanely talented. She helped get my vision into the design you see. I worked for months reading through the Bible just on the right group of verses I wanted for the families that would memorize them. God’s word isn't just to correct our kids – it’s to encourage them, comfort them and more! So, it was a team effort.

pjd: How have these ABC Scripture Cards influenced your life? 
cd:  They have given me just the right tool at just the right time. When one of mine is scared at night, I say, “What is the H verse?” And the sweet voice says, “He cares for you.” I didn't know all of these verses before and now I truly have a biblical answer for why we do things the way we do. They remember them! And I do too. D is “do everything without complaining and arguing” and sometimes mom needs to remember not to clean the house while complaining. They work for all ages.

pjd: Do you have any plans for ABC Scripture Cards Volume II or another project up your sleeve? 
cd:  The demand has been overwhelming to say the least. From kicking off from my office to an appearance on The View to now Magnolia Lane manufacturing them for over 350 stores – it has been a wonderful journey. We definitely want to do a boy themed set for those wanting to decorate boy nurseries and playrooms but don’t have a definite date for that. We do have one new product coming January at Atlanta Gift Show that I can’t tell you about just yet! You will love it – your dinner time will never be the same. Get excited.

Oh, and there is one project that has kept me super busy - my new book, In This House, We Will Giggle – launching October 7. That is my entire heart poured out in 12 chapters for families wanting to instill virtues, love and laughter into their home. I believe God is so very real and our little lights can shine so bright. We are in this journey together!

Thank you, Courtney, for inspiring us all - young ones and adults alike! You can find more resources or pre-order Courtney's book at

images via Courtney DeFeo

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