Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Reminders

The plainjane design girls have picked out what in the store reminds them of Christmas on this Friday afternoon! Hope your weekend is filled with Christmas spirit - whether it be baking, shopping, spending time with family and friends or snuggling up to watch a classic Christmas movie. We know we will be! 

My mom collects Santas of all shapes, styles and sizes around our house. I grew up checking each room and locating where the new Santas sat each year. This ornament reminds me of home, in fact I might get it for my mom for Christmas! 

I always love little treats sitting around our house at Christmas. This peppermint bark is my favorite! 

I enjoying baking for friends and family during the holiday season. These napkins would be so perfect to tie on top of a baked good, or even to serve at a Christmas Soiree. The sayings are so cute! 


The smell of Christmas is my favorite thing about the holiday season. Something about it makes me feel so warm and cozy! This potpourri smells like a Christmas tree!  

What reminds you of Christmas? We would love to hear from you! 

xoxo -- plainjane designs 

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