Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY: Wedding Welcome Gifts

If you're getting married, it is only polite to give your out of town guests {and all guests for that matter} a gift basket. Ideally, the gift would be waiting for your guests at the concierge of their hotel in honor to thank them for traveling for your special day! Of course, plainjane designs can help brainstorm and put together the perfect items in your basket that represent you and your fiance, your hometown and favorite things!

Pick your size and basket choice: 

a pretty box, in which we can provide the labeling 

a simple woven basket 

a gorgeous monogrammed burlap bag 

a paper bag, in which we can design a logo in a sticker

Pick what you want in your basket: 

Let us help you with your graphics:

Here are some inspirations we love. PJD can help with itineraries, maps, designing a logo, welcome letters, places to play in your wedding city, stickers, labels, door hangers, tags and more! 

xoxo -- plainjane designs 

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