Monday, April 8, 2013

Graduation Gifts Galore: Part 1

Happy Monday, Friends!

Graduation season is on the horizon, and Plain Jane Designs has the perfect gift for each and every grad! Below are some of our favorite items:

We offer almost any and all notepads/stationary you can think of. Each grad going off to college needs a new notepad on their desk... let us help you customize the perfect one to give away. Colors, monograms, fonts, and styles - we are sure to design one you'll adore. 

This is something we highly, HIGHLY recommend - Scout bags! We have normal opened totes as well as coolers. These coolers are ideal for a car ride, beach trip, or even Georgia tailgate: durable + cute! The bags are great for packing and transporting. Oh - and get a mug cup + straw to match as well! 

You can never go wrong with a little bit of UGA gear. Of course, we have the cutest in town! 

These are super great for boys: away games, going home for the weekend, overnight formals, spring break -- whatever -- the boys can pack all of their toiletries in these monogrammed Dopp kits. Peek up top -- we have laundry bags too! 

Trend Spotting: Monogram necklaces! And Plain Jane Designs has them all!! We can custom order any kind of necklace - from colors of acrylic, to enamel, to gold & silver. You can not go wrong getting this for a graduating young lady to compliment her new college wardrobe! 

Look forward to our Part 2 Graduation Gifts Galore later this week! 

XO, Plain Jane Designs 

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